Hello reader

My name is Emily and I’m a film addict. Honestly from a young age, film has always been there, a comfort, a laugh, a good cry and much more.

During more recent years, I’ve started to use my art and design courses as a way to explore film as i unfortunately was never able to do a more specified course in this field. However I found that it lead me to have more creative freedom of movement within plot, visuals and outcomes. Leading my work to be highly different to mainstream filming.

To be frank, I’m no expect in film or production. In spite of this, it has never stopped me doing what I love most. I’m currently an Art and Design foundation student, located in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Northern culture, especially from the North East of England and the Norwegian culture has influenced my work immensely through the years and has lead me to create some incredible body of work.

Join me in my film journey.